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 Things to Read

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You can find English-language newspapers in all large cities around the
world. Newspapers are interesting because they are about real life and
the news. BUT they are not easy to read. Try reading newspapers if your
level is intermediate or above.
Some British newspapers:
The Telegraph
The Times
The Independent
The Guardian
The Financial Times (business)
The Sunday Times
Some American newspapers:
The International Herald Tribune
The New York Times
The Wall Street Journal (business)


Some magazines are published weekly, some monthly. You can find
English-language magazines in many large cities around the world. If you
cannot find the magazine you want in your town, you may be able to order
it for delivery. Many magazines have pictures which can help your
understanding. You will need an intermediate level for most magazines,
but a pre-intermediate level may be ok for some magazines.
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There are magazines on every subject:
The House


Books are divided mainly into:
Non-fiction (history, biography, travel, cooking etc)
Fiction (stories and novels)
Some books are easier to read than others. It often depends on the
author. Agatha Christie, for example, wrote in an easier style and with
simpler vocabulary than Stephen King. You can buy books in specialised
English-language bookshops in large cities around the world. You may also
be able to find some English-language books in libraries. And if you have a
British Council in your city, you can borrow many English-language books
from their library.

Short Stories

Short stories can be a good choice when learning a language because they
are...short. It's like reading a whole book in a few pages. You have all the
excitement of a story in a book, but you only have to read 5,000 or
10,000 words. So you can quite quickly finish the story and feel that you
have achieved something. Short stories are published in magazines, in
books of short stories, and on the Internet.+


Readers are books that are specially published to be easy to read. They
are short and with simple vocabulary. They are usually available at
different levels, so you should be able to find the right level for you.
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Many readers are stories by famous authors in simple form. This is an
excellent way for you to start practising reading.

Cornflakes Packets

By "Cornflakes Packets", we mean any product you can buy that has
English writing on or with it. If you buy a box of chocolates, or a new
camera, why not read the description or instructions in English? There
are many such examples, and they all give you an opportunity to read real
airline tickets
cans or packets of food
bottles of drink
tapes and CDs
user guides for videos, computers...


If you like poetry, try reading some English-language poems. They may not
be easy to understand because of the style and vocabulary, but if you
work at it you can usually get an idea - or a feeling - of what the poet is
trying to say.
Good luck with your reading. It will help you make a lot of Progress!
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Things to Read
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